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How to Become a Dealer

Please follow the steps.

1. Get familiar with the product, prices, requirements and the installation process.

2. Simply use the common sense to determine the effectiveness and advantages of Smart Gutter Guard. (Remember: The gutter is designed to catch water, thatís why the top of the gutter has 5, 6 or more inches opening. Installing a sheet of metal or plastic with a 1/2 inch opening as a protector makes no sense! Where does the water go? In that case youíre better off without the gutter at all.) If you understand the concept go to the next step.

3. Find the contract agreement, print it, fill it out and fax it over to our office. Email us all information about your company. We will check the territory and we will let you know about the contractor/installer position availability.

Get (optional) a complete copy of our website with your own company name and logo.

The ends of the gutter must to be closed, but you have to supply them by yourself because of the difference in the way the gutter is hung. You can produce the ends out of Smart Gutter Guard, or simply bend the ends of the Smart Gutter Guard that is on the gutter and screw into gutter end caps and caulk, or you can bend them out of aluminum..


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